Our Neurologist

Dr Ventzi Bonev, Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist


Dr Ventzi Bonev was born and grew up in Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria. After graduating from the Sofia Medical Academy he started his career in Neurology first as a neurology resident in a regional hospital and then at the Emergency services in the city of Sofia.
Following his ideals for more satisfactory professional development he moved to South Africa, where he obtained his speciality in Neurology and was practicing as a Consultant Neurologist for seven years
After immigrating to Australia in 2007, Ventzi joined Corbett Neurophysiology Services as a full-time Consultant Neurologist. Since 2011 Ventzi has sub-specialised exclusively in neurophysiology, and has provided consultations, examinations and detailed clinical neurophysiology examinations and reports (NCS, EMG and EEG) on thousands of patients.

Late in 2021, after a long and successful career as a Specialist Neurologist, Professor John Corbett decided at the age of 81 to “take his shingle down” and begin his well-earned retirement. Ventzi took over the practice, with the aim to continue to provide specialised neurophysiology services and renamed the practice “Coastal Neurophysiology”. Ventzi continues to be assisted by Corbett Neurophysiology Services’ highly experienced staff, including one neuroscientist with over 20 years and another – with over 15 years of experience.
Ventzi lives on the Gold Coast with his family and consults in Southport. In the process of assessing some thousands of patients during the past fourteen years, he has formed close professional relationships with colleagues and referrers throughout South East Queensland and aims to keep this positive associations for many years to come, in parallel with maintaining his exclusive sub-specialty focus on neurophysiology.