Accessing Our Referral Form

  • Please contact our booking staff on 07 5503 2499 to request a hard copy referral form.
  • Best Practice OR Medical Director: You should be able to search for our referral form in all Medical Director and (updated) Best Practice software. If you experience any issues , please contact Best Practice on 1300 40 1111 or Medical Director on 1300 300 161.
  • Genie: 
    • In your Genie software, navigate to “Special > Software Updates”
    • In the window, select “Forms > Referrals”
    • Select “Coastal Neurophysiology Referral”
    • Select “Import 1 Item” to download our form into your database
    • The form can then be accessed via “Merged Letters” and will automatically populate relevant details for your convenience.

If you are having issues installing our referral form in your software, please contact your IT department for assistance.

 Returning Our Referral Form

Upon receipt of your referral, we will contact your patient to make an appointment.

Referrals may be returned to us via:


We strive to maintain fast reporting deadlines. We deliver clear, comprehensive results for the majority of our tests within 24 hours; please allow longer for more complex studies to be reported.

Results are returned via Medical Objects, fax or email (as specified by referrers).